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Concorde: Get her airborne again


Club Concorde is a club for all things Concorde, run by ex-Captains, ex-charterers and people passionate about Concorde, working together to keep Concorde in people’s hearts and minds. Club Concorde works closely with the various museums around the UK and internationally where the many Concordes are resting. Club Concorde is for people to join who are lovers of Concorde. We offer the opportunity for members to share their anecdotes and photos of Concorde whether or not they were lucky enough to experience supersonic travel.
Save Concorde Group
SCG is campaigning to return Concorde to heritage flight. This will enable the Great British public to enjoy witnessing the ongoing celebration of one of the greatest engineering achievements in the history of this country. It would also be a living tribute to cooperation between European nations in the post-war era.